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I am not dead. I am however going on a 6 week holiday to Australia tomorrow.

So, a summary of the last HALF YEAR might happen at some point (possibly, it _is_ a 23h journey after all). But not before probably quite a bit of talk about venomous mammals, hiking and cameras.

*wanders off again making high pitched noises*

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I'm finishing up the last block of shifts before the new colleague starts. I am so ready to occasionally work a less than 60h week again. And the next week with 90h of work better be a long way away too.
I'm completely and utterly done with the last 3.5 months. Just done.

Oh well, I have amassed enough overtime by now to cover my whole holiday to Australia next year. So that's something?
I just didn't get a lot of other things done in that period. I had plans, you know? But, realistically speaking, none of those plans are that time sensitive. I can still do them, once I'm back from my wild to-ing and from-ing (Next week: Visit Family, Tough Mudder BB, back home. The week after: camping in MeckPom, back home. The week after: Visiting Berlin, Sommerfest chez [personal profile] kriski & [personal profile] dirtyzucchini, back home.)
All with working a couple of shifts between each trip of course.
Sleep really is overrated.

The important thing is staying focused on the next move:

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My ankle looks like this at the moment: maybe not for the squeamish )

This, amazingly enough, has nothing to do with climbing or the Tough Mudder I ran last month. I simply stepped in a pothole on the street. Pure stupidity.
It doesn't even hurt any more. Just ... is swollen and purple-green.
I'm not someone to make sensible health decisions, so I went climbing on it once already. Which I shouldn't do but I have way too much energy and no way to get rid of it.
Problem is, swollen as it is, it doesn't squeeze properly into climbing shoes. Also, my california trip which involves lots of hiking is less than a month away. I *should* be sensible.

It's something I do so well.

Exhibit A - The Ridi shaped mud monster on the right.

That race was so much fun )

Please note the lovely orange hats on the rest of my team. This is what I've been doing when I'm bored at the moment. Knitting hats.
Knitting hats and marathoning first the West Wing and now ER

It keeps me entertained.
And since the summer sale on Steam I have a playable version of Civilization for the first time in 20 years. This is not good. I can lose days to that game...

Hmm. Coherent, this entry is not. But it's got pictures and will maybe break through the barrier of "Too much stuff, can't post before I have talked about all this".
We'll see.

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First of all, thanks to everyone who had kind words about my cat keeling over dead. I really appreciated them, even though I still don't know how to answer them.

On that point I still don't know what caused her death. Pathologists say completely healthy cat. Just dead. Weird.
Anyway. Apart from the fact that I just didn't know what kind of entry to write to follow up on that one, I have been busy turning in my dissertation (waiting for the defense now and working on the publication I need to finish before being allowed to print the thing), getting all my stuff out of my flat and into storage/my parents' basement, finding a job and organizing a move to another country with all the paperwork that entails.
Still not finished on that last point but getting there.
Had an interview to apply for a NI number this morning. They'll answer at some point in the next six weeks. I wouldn't mind so much (even though I called them three weeks before I started work and they told me to wait until I was in the UK before setting up an interview...) but without some kind of official letter sent to my address I can't open a bank account. And without a NI number I can't complete my employment forms. Both of which mean no salary until that number is here. Please no to be taking six weeks!

I've been in Essex for the last six days, doing consultations on the weekend to get an idea how things work here and started to work at my proper job (Night Vet) on Monday.
Until now, I feel as if could do the job with my hands tied behind my back. We'll see how that looks at the end of this week or in a month...

Since I work on a one week on, one week off schedule, next week I fly back to Frankfurt, put all my stuff that's at my parents in a rental van, drive to Berlin to get all my stuff from storage in the van as well, drive to Holland, get on a ferry to Harwich, drive to Hertfordshire, get the keys to my flat, empty the van, drive back to Harwich, ferry to Holland and drive back to Frankfurt.
All that in less than 72 hours. Sounds like great fun, right?

After that I have two days to get from Frankfurt to Berlin, since my flight back to England leaves from there. Then it's one week of work again. Three days of trying to get the flat into some semblance of order. And then four days of a conference in Cambridge. Then back to work. And so on.

Did I mention that my best friend is getting married in the beginning of July. In Berlin? I see lots of flights and rental cars in my future.

@dirtyzucchini: I'd actually love to see the Mika DVD I've just been ... busy. Since I'll probably be in Berlin at least once a month for the foreseeable future, maybe we can still find a time to watch it together. Otherwise I might have to borrow it from you :)

Ok, now to get this posted before another day passes.
I've actually been aiming for rambling infodump with this one, so this is one goal achieved...

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  • I've just peeled myself out of 8 layers of clothing (not counting underwear. And to be completely truthful, it were only 8 layers on the top, the legs had to make do with just three).
  • My backpack still fitted.
  • I could move. Somehow.

Tomorrow can come.

Colleague M and I intend to go ski touring and camping in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern for the weekend.
Yes, we're crazy. No, that won't stop us.

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