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So, I'm trying to keep up a bit of a travelog. Mainly because people want to see pictures of the trip and I hate facebook's picture sharing thing. So, I'm using one of my random RL-name connected domains for that. I don't see myself writing a lot there outside of holidays but for this it is good.

I'm probably going to crosspost most things here too. Just because.
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I am not dead. I am however going on a 6 week holiday to Australia tomorrow.

So, a summary of the last HALF YEAR might happen at some point (possibly, it _is_ a 23h journey after all). But not before probably quite a bit of talk about venomous mammals, hiking and cameras.

*wanders off again making high pitched noises*

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Less than 24h before my plane leaves and I am ridiculously excited for this holiday.
I've been conveniently ignoring the fact that the first five days in San Diego are actually work related. It all sounds fairly interesting, I just don't care at all.
(Compassion fatigue is a valid lifestyle choice, leave me alone.)
There should be wireless for the first few days. For the road trip with hiking after, probably not so much. I know better than to promise and entry with pictures, but there might possibly be? Maybe?
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After a whole week of waiting (and catching up with my flist on my dial-up because studying would have been the sensible thing to do and I didn't feel like being sensible) I've now got a working w-lan modem, a cable internet connection and - best of all - no limit on time or transfer volume.
The fact that this calms my nerves and stops my hands from shaking should not be seen as an indication that I'm addicted. No, not at all.

Since I'm now free to babble as often as I want, I'll start with a long entry about my last week in Scotland.
So what *did* I do during my last week in Scotland? )

Since then I drove back to Leipzig and spent the week not even *doing* work a trained monkey can do, but *watching and being told* about this work. And determinedly not studying - which will have to change about now.

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