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Well, I certainly wasn't expecting 2016 to come around this fast.

The second half of December was manic, partially because working out of hours means that holidays will be some of our busiest shifts anyway and Spanish!colleague went and dislocated his shoulder just before, so we had even more shifts to cover. The other part was because the OTW thing escalated. A lot. Fun times.

Since New Year's Eve I've been down with the lurgy, working my last two shifts in a bit of a haze. But see above: people who dislocate their shoulder and use that as their wimpy excuse not to work, having already used up all the potential gap covers. Oh well, working the last few holiday shifts with a fever is nearly a tradition by this point.

2015 turned out to be an ... interesting year on the whole. Onward to 2016!

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I have no idea where time is going, but I did finish going through my photos!

Now I only have to write up short bits and link them, or, alternatively, get them set in a photo book and get that printed.
Never mind me, I might be some more time.

Only 7 days until solstice and I can't wait for days to stop being shorter again, as usual.

What else... Oh! I re-watched Star Wars (in Machete Order) yesterday in preparation for watching the New One. I knew I had erased basically all of Clones from my head, but I didn't remember it was out of self preservation.
Oh well, I am prepared for anything that might come now. And I remember why I was always more of a Star Trek person.

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Back from the US and posting a second entry in a month. The end times might be near.

  • Conference was fun and interesting as always, touristy things have been achieved - I even managed to get a few pictures up on Facebook before they fell victim to the 'need to sort and post-process' urge.
  • Was weirded out like crazy when visiting the Capitol and went up to see Senate in session when they started the session with a nice public prayer. Followed by the pledge of allegiance to freak me out even more.
  • Did some geocaching, Ingressing and LOTS of just general walking. (We shall not talk about the brief moment of near-fainting at the end of a 20k hike in the sun without food or water. Because that never happened.)
  • Avoided the pope expertly and wasn't even inconvenienced by everything shutting down for his visit.
  • Acquired a new phone and am currently enjoying having a mobile made in this decade.
  • Ran the conference fun run 5k. And a Tough Mudder the weekend before. And a trail half in August. I am also signed up for another mudrun in October. And considering another trail half in January. I seem to have settled into this running thing. So weird.
  • Roommate at the conference kept moaning at me about the reasons she quit her job - we used to work for the same company - and it was really hard to keep the sympathetic murmurs up at the appropriate level. All of her reasons are part of why I like this job. Unsocial hours? Unpredictable last minute shifts? 60+ hour weeks? Yes, that's the POINT.

Now I'm back at my computer, on call week for Translation, and answering random questions about the OTW. Because err, yeah, have I mentioned? I signed up as candidate for the coming elections. I might even manage to make a post that focuses mostly on that at some point. Possibly. We'll see.

Have a Tough Mudder pic:

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I'm finishing up the last block of shifts before the new colleague starts. I am so ready to occasionally work a less than 60h week again. And the next week with 90h of work better be a long way away too.
I'm completely and utterly done with the last 3.5 months. Just done.

Oh well, I have amassed enough overtime by now to cover my whole holiday to Australia next year. So that's something?
I just didn't get a lot of other things done in that period. I had plans, you know? But, realistically speaking, none of those plans are that time sensitive. I can still do them, once I'm back from my wild to-ing and from-ing (Next week: Visit Family, Tough Mudder BB, back home. The week after: camping in MeckPom, back home. The week after: Visiting Berlin, Sommerfest chez [personal profile] kriski & [personal profile] dirtyzucchini, back home.)
All with working a couple of shifts between each trip of course.
Sleep really is overrated.

The important thing is staying focused on the next move:

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I have no idea where the month of April just went.

Part of that is that I'm the only vet at work at the moment (for reference, we have positions/hours for 2.5) so I have been working an insane rota and stacking up the overtime. I've also decided to help out the Pet Blood Bank with donation sessions occasionally, because only my nights were filled with work so far.
Part of it is that the weather has taken a turn for the worse and I am constantly tempted to huddle up with a blanket, a hot drink and stare gloomily out the window. I have worked quite a bit on my plans for a holiday in Australia next year.

It's not that I haven't been running (though I have been doing less of that than I had planned for the month) or climbing or going to the cinema or knitting or hanging out in chat or geocaching or any of the other things that I do with my life. It's just that all of it has been attempting to be noticed in my head through haze of "Work. Sleep. Work. RAIN AGAIN? Work. WTF re-plastering the patio wall right now are you JOKING? Work. Sleep. Oh. Maybe Food."
I am still reading (as always). I still want to post more often than I get around to it. I just do not know where my brain is at any given moment right now (probably asleep, to be honest).

I should probably start self improvement project "Das Leben ist kein Ponyhof" sooner rather than later. Let's see how this goes.
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So, apparently just thinking about it still doesn't make an entry appear here. Who knew?

I've been quiet for a few months. Again. But to be fair, I was doing an ostrich impression in RL for about three of those months too. I'd applied for a job in Switzerland and I don't do well with waiting for other people to make decisions. I was pretty much working, climbing, reading, NOT TALKING TO ANYONE from July 'till October.
But yeah, no job change for me. Which is not all bad, I'm not sure I would have liked to move. But it was one of those 'you'd be crazy not to apply' jobs.

And then it was November, the month of the year that, for some strange reason, never sees me at home for more than two days in a row.
Among other things I was off to a work congress. With a fancy dress evening. This year's topic was 'Best of British' so naturally I went as a Punk. Facebook has seen pictures, but I think I'll have to post one here too for posterity.
Then there was a tour of Germany with a few Parties, lots of touristy London things due to visitors and - as usual - work.

Now, I've kind of caught up on all my immediate to-do items. There's still a lot of long term ones - geo tag all photos, figure out better database structure for caselog, scan all the photos,... - but none of them are 'have to do' items, just 'would like to do at some point'.
I've even started to work on the CPD from hell again in my search for something useful to do.
I fear the world *is* going to end in two days. I have no other explanation for this otherwise.

Seeing as how I have to work the weekend nights, as well as christmas eve night and christmas day night I might not mind too much actually...
Nah. On second thought, keep going world. My family's celebrations have always been purely secular anyway, so I don't mind celebrating my own little fest of "Thank fuck the days have started to get longer again! Let's light as many candles as possible, put tinsel on the surfaces without candles, meet family and stuff ourselves with food." a few days later than usual.
But I have to miss the whole clan gathering on boxing day. Which is a tragedy, because this year it's in Franken again, at a place particularly suited to the purpose of stuffing yourself with food.

I'll have to make do with takeaway. How shall I survive?

Right, now post this, make sure no to-do things have crept up on me while I wasn't looking, then off to the cinema (love my flat rate card for that) and climbing after. Really, my life is unbearably hard.

I don't actually *like* stream of consciousness in literature, but apparently that's my form of choice for journaling these days. Gnarf. Argh.
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I'll just have to write an entry about a bit of what's going on at the moment now - however incomplete it will be - because otherwise I'm most likely never ever going to post again. And we don't want that, right?
I *am* religiously reading my DW and LJ reading pages every day, I'm just not talking. Something I'm saying in every entry I manage to force out, I know.

Not touching on a lot of things I've done since February (Really? How is time passing this quickly?), but since the /-Treffen (Which was also more than a month ago? Argh!) I've done a couple of working marathons - six nights of work, one day off, repeat - because I'm a crazy person and like my job a lot, even if I'm constantly complaining.
And after that I started my crazy month of June.

This includes, but is not limited to, a half marathon, dogsitting and about six flights all over Europe )

Wow, that was ... wordy. And rambling. Business as usual I guess.

July is looking to be fairly quiet in comparison. Only a hen party (Why this obsession with weddings, Brits? I don't get it!), some random hiking in the New Forrest and that's it. Until I start to get bright ideas again.
But since I've just ordered a Roomba (I shouldn't look at Groupons. But in my defense, I need a new hoover anyway and the reduced price is pretty much what I would pay for a mid range Dyson too. And it's not even that much more than the ubiquitous Henry) one of my bright ideas will probably be to watch the floor being cleaned. And I'm ok with that.

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One of my less annoying quirks being that I absolutely detest foamed milk, I've long since learned to avoid pretty much any coffeehouse chain. Because they are apparently able to understand a completely separate coffee-language and mix the fanciest whateverinos without being able to process a simple "no foamed milk please".
Since I don't think it important enough to complain about it (but obviously important enough to rant about it later) I have only myself to blame. But I needed caffeine. And I could have done without the vile stuff on top of it.

Life is so very hard and cruel.

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I went with option a yesterday, an evening out with some people from the clinic. I came back home at 5:30, which is actually the latest I can remember coming home, without staying over, ever.
Now, I don't think I mentioned it in the facts-about-me entry, but I don't drink alcohol at all. I don't like the taste and my grasp of reality is shaky enough when I'm sober. But I don't mind people drinking around me as it provides me with good blackmail material. and am quite happy to be the designated driver.
This made for a fun evening for me. (Of course, the Stupid Crush being there as well put a bit of a damper on my mood, because I needed to reign in the idiotic part of my brain that's forever mooning over him. It got its revenge in my dreams tonight, but as long as I'm not making a fool of myself in public over it I can cope with that.)
I really like watching people and we were a big enough group that I could do so without having to take part in the going ons to entertain the others. I did my part of that on the way from location one to location two because the pavement was covered in ... black ice (? hope this is right, it's what google tells me) an we were sliding toward our goal. Being the easily amused kind of person I am, I was running and slipping all over the place.

Normally, I don't dance (because I do so very, very badly) but after everyone was well after their 8th Cuba Libre and nagging me to dance with them, I reckoned no one would even notice my twitching. Also, the music was not particularly good so nearly everyone made of fool of themselves trying to dance.
Still, dancing is not something that makes an evening particularly fun for me. Watching others dance is much better.

This is one time of being social this month. Next week: A trip to a museum.
(I don't really make resolutions. But I like to count what I'm doing better than last year as long as it lasts).

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There are 11 people in this flat right now, two dogs and a cat. And I am the only one of them that is awake. (Ok, I think I saw one of the dogs twitch earlier).
Following my tradition of not doing much at NYE, I went to bed yesterday at 9, slept until Midnight, did the requisite phone-calls and then slept until the flatmates and the guests came back from the Brandenburg Gate. Then it was talking, Bleigießen, food and just general hanging around until about 3, when the flatmates decided to go to bed. The guests decided that bed wasn't as exiting an idea as playing Singstar for a few hours. And I decided that with over ten people wanting a use of the bathroom this morning maybe taking a shower in the middle of the night would be a good idea.
All in all, not the most traditional of NYE setups but it was fun.

As can probably be seen by the verboseness of the previous paragraph, my sort-of new-years-resolution is to use my LJ more. Because my memory is a fickle thing and my life is speeding by me at the moment and if I don't try to preserve at least the fleeting impression and titits I tend to write about here, I'll hit 30 soon and have no idea how that happened.

Since I haven't written a proper entry in hell-knows how long and I seem to remember at least one person (maybe [ profile] hammond?) commenting on how they still feel like a stalker reading my journal, I've decided to do a bit of a combination of the "Random facts about me"-meme and an introduction-post.

So, behind the cut, you'll find sense and nonsense about the person known as [ profile] ridicully. Which cut? This cut )

Typing this only took about 7 hours, interspaced with breakfast, seeing of the guests, tidying the flat, fearing the ringtone of my mobile and one gastric torsion (I'm on call for surgical emergencies). Now, let's see if I'll keep up with this making more entries thing.

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Now, that was a waste of time.
After one of our wonderful sleepless 12 hour night-shifts - during which I walked about 12.5 km (and yes, I bought a pedometer just so I could bitch and moan about the distances I walk at word. That's my kind of weird and I like it, thank you very much) - I slept for about 3 hours, dragged myself up again for a shower and an hour long trip to some restaurant at Prenzlauer Berg to meet J., her boything and a few others for brunch. Funnily enough, I was the only one there, even though they'd wanted to meet an hour earlier and knew I would be late.
Even giving them the benefit of the doubt -my mobile decided to die on me shortly after I stepped on the train - I'm still feeling grumbly.
Oh well, after running around in the fantastic weather we're having, I'm sort of awake. I guess I'll see if I can get some work done.

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Still alive but very busy - this describes my life since my last entry. Actually, it describes my life since June, but I try ignore that fact.

Today, Prof. Blub earned to be renamed in Prof. Obvious. Really, the only toilets at work that are blocked up by 'hygiene products' are the ladies? It even was the same way in Hanover and Munich? I can't imagine why.

But what should I expect from someone who still doesn't know my name and not only wrote the wrong name on one of the very strange cheques he occasionally distributes (Just don't ask. I don't either. I've been assured it's legal, but it still seems shady to me.) but also managed to get the wrong one put onto the website that only gets updated every six months.
But hey, it sort of looks like my name. If you squint. On a official website. I'll take what I can get. (For stalking purposes To remind myself of this event: A link to a link to the page)

Additionally, J. got herself a boyfriend. Which would be fine, except, sharing a flat with 1 3/4 persons when even sharing it with 1 person occasionally is a bit too much social interaction does not help with the chronic exhaustion from work.

And a random fact, just because:
The small animal hospital of the Free University Berlin uses 54000 paper towels a month.

Now: Schools, then Sleep. And once I wake up, a bit of catching up on the f-page and dermatology.
Can't you just feel the excitement?

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My flatmate (who partly grew up in Spain) is sitting in front of my TV, having fits over the Tunisia<->Spain game.
I'm catching up with my flist and trying to hide my amusement.
Earlier today there was ice cream and a thunderstorm cooled the air a bit.
Life is good, if busy.

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Well, I'm actually back since Friday afternoon, but J. (easier to type than "my flatmate") had a friend visiting and I went along to visit a few museums.

Friday, after realizing that everything on the Museumsinsel closed at 17:00, we just walked around for a bit and then went to see Egypt's sunken treasures, which is really interesting, but the largest room is arranged in a confusing way and they rely a bit too much on the audio guides which are not included in the price of admission.

Saturday we went to the Pergamonmuseum, where the audio guides are included and the texts are pretty good too.
And it's huge. After I'd finished looking at the altar, I took one look at the Istahr gate and decided the middle east and islamic art museums have to wait until another time. My brain just couldn't deal with one more culture, let alone three or more.
Instead I had a superficial look at the antiquity collection (and examined some buttocks very closely while listening to the guide. I can only imagine how ridiculous that must have looked. But now I know a bit more about the Kanon of Polykleitos, so that hardship was worth it.)
During the following careful studies of some more perfect backsides, I realized I was starting to stand the exact same way these statues did. At that point I decided that this was enough antiques for the day. (I also decided that I need an annual ticket for the museums, because otherwise I'll be broke in no time and still won't have seen everything I want to look at.)
Finding the other two was as fun as looking for people in huge places always is.

After some food we decided to get to Schloss Sanssouci before closing time, but didn't manage this by ten minutes. (Why any of these places have to close at 17:00 is beyond me.)
Since the weather was bad, as it had been the whole day, we decided not to walk in the parks and instead go home and make J.'s friend cook us persian food.

And today we had a look at the Baroque in the Vatican exhibition.
Which was interesting even though it's neither my preferred era nor topic.

And now I'm trying to catch up on my flist, do all the other stuff that needs doing and not freak out over having to start work on Tuesday.
*And* I still haven't made an entry about my attic. I really need to put that on my list.

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I did mention before that I'm starting on probation next month at a place where I'd simply love to work, right?

I'd rather have started earlier, but when I called, convinced that the prof was going to say they'd have no use for me, and he told me "Come here, Tuesday after the pentecost weekend". I was much to happy to care. Gift horses and all that.

So, when I arrived home yesterday to a letter telling me that I didn't start on the date we'd agreed on and this letter was to send my CV&co. back, I was more than just a bit upset.
I have done nothing the last three weeks but prepare for this job, I don't want to do anything else. And no one picked up the phone yesterday afternoon.

After sending of a panicked email and spending a not very pleasant night, thinking on what I'm going to do now, I called again this morning.
"Oh, I did say that? I didn't write the date down and since a few others started at the beginning of May, I thought you'd lost interest. Sure come in next month."
I love stress, but not this kind of stress.

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a.k.a. "If I don't write them down, I'll never update again because of thought-congestion".

  • My brain is doing weird things. This morning I woke up before my alarm (which I often do), got up, dressed, woke the dog (this should have tipped me off), took my bike and went for our morning tour.

    At some point I realized that it wasn't as light as it has been the last few days (I nearly don't need my lights at 5:15 am any more). Everything seemed a bit different. Different people, different shops open (Döner instead of coffee-and-newspaper selling places). Weird.
    So I look at my watch and it says 1:30. I can't believe it and stop below the next street-light to check the clock on my speedometer. Same time. Same thing at the next bus-stop.

    All I have to say is, WTF, brain? Waking up five minutes before the alarm is fine. Waking up one or two hours too early, realize it and go back to sleep is ok. Waking up at random times in the night, being convinced it's 4:50 and going through the routine? What kind of crack have you been smoking? And how does a brain smoke without the body noticing?

  • Apropos dog (I know I mentioned him somewhere up there), the contract for this flat explicitly states 'No pets' )
  • Living with a flatmate is weird )
  • I gave up a cushy lab job for the uncertain, probabtion dependent job of a work-slave )
  • And I'm grumpy that, after the trouble I went to looking for a router including a print server with a parallel port, neither of the two printers in this flat will work with it. It would be nice to mention which printers you know wont work somewhere else but in an internal document, dlink. I was nearly going crazy because I couldn't figure out what was wrong.

We'll see if this brain dumping helped to clear my head and make it more easy to write an entry that does actually make sense.

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Though I haven't updated yet or done anything much but tried to catch up with my flist and downloads of tv series, I've been the proud owner of a high speed internet connection since Wednesday.

I have about five entries half written in my brain and will start on typing these on Sunday.

But right now I am forced to judge hairstyles and earings in regard of their suitability toward a certain ball gown.
I have no interest in these things at all. My own dress for this ball is going to consist of black trousers and a black shirt.
Send help!

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What did I do the last weeks? Since the Querstrich-Meetup - which is best explained by the icon for those who speak German and by the words 'amazingly silly, astonishingly deep, unexpectedly little talk about buttsex' for everyone else - and my exam, I've been on the way to or from Berlin most of the days.
Finding a flat was fun. For a value of fun that is usually associated for visits at the dentist.

Moving was even more fun, and shall be detailed in pictures: )

Did I mention that I'm the only one of those four whose drivers license allows me to drive that 7m monster of a car? And that neither pedestrians, nor drivers seem to understand the concept of such a long thing needing more room to turn around a corner? No, it's not because I can't drive a car. No, really.
As I said. Even more fun.

The last two days I've cleaned this flat, painted parts of it (if I had my contract I would know if I'm required to do that. But the contract is in a folder in a box in the new flat) put most of the rest of my stuff in my car (I love my car. It's not much to look at, but it's about as long as a VW Golf and at the moment there are my summer tires, my bike, a mini-freezer, a grill, a huge lamp, about 30 different bags and some other stuff in it) and caught up on my flist (addiction is fun!).

And now, I shall leave for Berlin. If you need or want my new address, follow the link on the profile.
I probably won't have internet or phone at the flat until the end of April. Anyone in Germany who knows what the colour pink stands for has three guesses what company is causing that delay and the first two don't count.
But since there's an internet cafe about 100m up the road, the next wireless hotspot isn't much further away and I think I'll probably also be allowed to use the lab computers. I guess I'll survive. Somehow. (Though Dr. Who starts again at the 15th. Oh world, why are you so cruel?)

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One thing that really fuels my misanthropic side is a drive down to my parents.

Theoretically that's a 3:30-4 hours drive. Today it took me nearly 10 hours. I'm ready to kill someone.

Ok, so the first blocked motorway was a freak accident. It took only a 1.5 hours anyway.

And the fact that it snowed more today than on any other day in the last 25 years in this area is impressive and all. But that doesn't mean people have to drive at walking speed on the fast lane of the motorway.

People shouldn't be allowed to drive.
Especially those that do not know how wide their car is and insisting on blocking the left lane in construction sites because of it.
Or those that can't start up again once there's a bit of ice. In most cases (e.g. on the motorway or in front of a traffic light) you can deal with it by playing a bit with the clutch. If you can't, at least block the road in front of someone else.
If you insist on going at a snails pace just because there is snow you'd better stay home as well.
The same goes for ice. As long as you just go in a straight line, driving faster than 5 km/h won't kill you. You just have to plan for a much larger distance if you want to break.
Incidentally, that grinding noise? It's the ABS. It's a good thing. Even though it increases the braking distance. It doesn't mean you should step of the break once you hear it.
If you're driving a huge BMW X5, why aren't you driving in the snow, flattening it and clearing the way for those who come after you? That would be an actual justification for driving that thing. Look, I'm doing it for fun and my car isn't especially suited to it.

Yes, driving is serious business.
I can hardly feel my left leg after today and am tired, what else could it be right now but serious business?

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Yes, it's been some time since the last bike induced injury.

My bike is a mountain bike. Those have spiked pedals. These provide a good grip when my feet are muddy and wet. They also scratch my shins every time I decide to push the bike forward with my shins, but that's not too bad (and after all, I could use my hands like everyone else).

It takes some real talent at being clumsy, but I can also propel them backwards into my heel, powered by nearly my whole weight.
That leaves a nice wound.

Positive aspects: Heels don't bleed very much. Having to continue biking immediately helps to distract you.
Negative aspects: OUCH!

Good thing I do not believe in omens, otherwise I'd not even bother with today's exam.

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As an attempt to sort out my life, a list of things I need to do in the next two months.

  • Pass exams
  • Find subject, place and prof for dissertation
  • Find new flat
  • Vacate this flat on 30.03. at the latest.

Of course a simple list is nothing without rambling explanations )

Some more random things:

  • Look, it took me only two months to achieve my quixotic goal du jour:

    (Not cut, because it's smaller than some icons and I want to gloat.) Take that, Josh ;p

  • It's amazing how much calmer I feel, just having thought the next few months through. If there's one thing I can't deal with, it's having no direction at all. Even vague "If all fails, do this"-plans are fine, I just need something to work with.
  • Just because it makes me laugh: Bad romance novel covers.
  • If you don't believe in only positive traits or just deny I have any: nohari.
  • Additional things I need to do: Organize my bookmarks, organize my tags, tag this journal, organize my photos, clean my wardrobe of clothes I never wear, stop writing lists and get something done.

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Arriving back here after Christmas is nice. Things in the letterbox that aren't bills.
Thank you [ profile] fluffyllama (glitter! chocolate money!) and [ profile] here_be_dragons (Fimo!) for your wonderful cards.

At the moment I'm nibbling leftover cookies and peanuts, drinking my coffee black (time until I can go shopping: 2 hours) and waiting for the temperature to finally reach 20°C.
Turning off the heating when I'm gone for two weeks might be sensible, but even the dog was giving me dirty looks when we stepped into a 13°C room. (Yes, I love my thermometer. And, at the moment, also speaking in parenthesiseseses)

Now, back to studying and applying for Things To Do After The Exams, excluding, it might interest a subset of my flist to hear, the job which would result in me spending most of the next two years fisting bulls.

Ehh, yes. [ profile] kriski? I'll call you when I can at least pretend to be sane.

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Most important: I hope all of you had a good start into the new year and wish you all the best for 2006

And now, the reason for the subject line.

Dear arse of a neighbour:

if you call someone at 2 am on the first of January to tell them their music is too loud and the person has
a) obviously been asleep before you called and
b) tells you there is no loud music here,
the right thing to do is not to call them again four hours later (just when they've managed to fall asleep again because being awakened in the first 10 minutes after falling asleep messes with their sleep patterns) to ask if they've got permission for all that noise.

Though, if you wanted someone to scream at you, hang up on you and plot your death for the next few days, you've certainly achieved your goal.

And FYI: The neighbours one house over were having a party. Yes, the music was loud. But since it was Silvester, noise doesn't stop me from sleeping if I'm tired and you had just woken me up, I did not feel like telling you that.

Have a nice day. And if your phone starts ringing in the middle of the night, I have nothing to do with it. Really. Would I lie to you?

Otherwise New Year's Eve was nice and quiet after I'd managed to send the family off but I didn't get anything done anyway (as usual), the calender switching over forced me to realize that it's only five days until the next exam (Wah!) and I should start on my list of things that need to be done before I drive back to Leipzig tomorrow instead of reading my flist or updating.
Same old, really.

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That's what I hate about Christmas - getting back to a normal routine afterward takes ages. The need to laze around and relax after three days of presents and food normally puzzles me, but this year I'm willing to blame Boxing Day. Not so much the fact that there were about 20 people in the room the whole day, but that I had to endure my sister driving the car on the way back.

The only thing I've been doing the last few days that could be called useful was ripping and burning DVDs. And trying to convince the dog that if walking on the street is nearly impossible, biking is out of the question.

I'm even to lazy to write a coherent entry. This is the fourth try over the last three days I think. And it's still more blah than anything. But at least I'm not babbling about The Christmas Invasion (Didn't he say three consecutive terms? How *do* you produce a sword fight that bad?) or moaning about having to send out applications (I'm not really contemplating a clinical dissertation, right?) so I'm just going to press update anyway.

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I'm still alive, struggling with the chaos that is life at my parents and ignoring that I should study.
Exactly why I can't seem to find the time for updates, I don't know.

I've also just managed to get the decoration on the tree. Now I'm going to try and see if anyone is going to believe me that the presents from me are unwrapped because I abhor waste of paper and not because I'm lazy.
Since today is the day for presents in Germany, I'd better start on that.
Off I go.

Frohes Fest!

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The fact that is stays dark the whole day and that leaving the house for five minutes leaves one drenched, has apparently convinced my subconscious that hibernation would be a good idea.
I don't think I've ever slept so much.

I should be studying again, but the next exam is not until the next year. And if I have to look at one more law this week I might start gnawing the table. Whoever came up with the idea of giving the exams on medicine and pharmacology &co (a.k.a. the reason 90% of the students started this course, a.k.a. hard but interesting) first and after they're finished, pull out the legalese stuff (a.k.a food hygiene and prevention of epidemics &co) - which is necessary, but boring as hell - needs to have their head examined.

Since I originally planned to stay here until Saturday, so I could buy presents and start on the studying, but don't have any desire to spend more time in the rain than absolutely necessary and refuse to even look at any more laws, I'm doing nothing but lazing around. Considering I promised to paint the ceiling of the living room as soon as I arrive at my parents' and the usual chaos that is my family, I'm just going to call it pre-emptive relaxation and continue to do so.

Maybe I'll pursue my new, quixotic goal for a bit. Kick Australia out of the top five in the Schools Directory. (What? It's just 800 schools! I can dream, can't I?)

How I manage to babble while typing is beyond me, but I do. Time to stop.

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Words cannot describe how pissed off I am right now.

I really don't mind failing exams all that much. I can accept bad grades if they are justified.
All of course, because I know that it's my own fault for not studying enough or simply having bad luck when drawing the questions.

It annoys me to know that I answered the questions really well, not just by luck, but because I really *know* the stuff, and still not getting a good grade for some reason (mutual hate between the examiner and me; my seemingly confuse behaviour convincing the examiner that I might have answered the questions, but don't actually know what I'm talking about). It's unfair, but that's just life.

What pisses me of beyond measure, is getting grades that don't seem to be justified, and having someone else, whose answers were definitely worse - even by their own judgement - getting the same grade without any explanation.
Yeah, I could just say "That's life" in this case as well, but for some reason this is one of the things that triggers my temper.

Have I mentioned how much I hate oral exams this month yet?

Yes, I passed the exam. No it's not a really bad grade.
I'm still going to practice some kicks and hits for a while to calm down.

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Dear anonymous guy,

I realize that few things suck more for a cyclist than having another person tie their bike not only to the shared lamp post, but also to your bike.
I could understand the need for petty revenge by also tying their bike up and going home, even though I don't really think it necessary. After all, with the post being right next to a huge cinema and the law school (i.e. lots of bike at any time of the day), chances are, that it really was an accident.
But do you really think that tying up the bike and leaving a note with your phone number serves any purpose but creating more work for you? It's you who's getting a call in the middle of the night and has to walk back into the city instead of checking tomorrow on your own time.

the person who just had to wait 20 completely unnecessary minutes (and I am really sorry. I've got nothing against you or your bike, but with those hundreds of bikes at that place, things like that just happen)

P.S. Not that you will care, but this actually helped me to calm down after the suckyness that was The Exorcism of Emily Rose

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They've just started the music to keep the masses they want to form the "world largest national team" (in celebration of the final draw for the FIFA World Cup) entertained.

It's even louder than the Stones' concert last year. But then, a set of boxes is standing more or less right in front of house this time.

And now they're talking. Can I have the music back please?

That's better. Not by much, but I'll take what I can get.

ETA:Turning down the basses a bit would be nice.
And I could definitely do without the T-Com sound at this volume.

Another edit: At least my car is safe behind the ... portaloos/portapottys (? That's what google tells me. Though I liked "turdis" as well) they've put up.

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While failing one exam because of laziness is stupid but acceptable, failing two is not. What's worse is, that it's not all laziness. My brain apparently has decided that holding information I know is there hostage would be a good idea.
Meaning my usual way of studying - reading the stuff a few times and relying on my brain to spit out the relevant information when needed - doesn't seem to work at the moment.
Hence the mergh.

This means I'll have to get some structure in my studying habits. Which is bad, because I try to keep the anal, ocd part of my brain that just loves plans and lists and order, on a very short leash. Giving it more control over my life isn't something I'm looking forward to.
Oh well, it's only until February at the most.

In other news, there are flags lining Leipzig's streets. I can only guess that it's somehow related to the FIFA World Coup next year. I know no other reason for Saudi-Arabia's flag to be hanging in front of my house and Togo's just across the street (and now I'm in love with the flag finder).

And some cryptic grumbling that should be ignored by everyone:
The fact that huge parts of the site have just been language-striped proves that the world likes to taunt me.

Now, the law for animal welfare, trying not to burn cookies (me + kitchen = disaster), getting uni to confirm my involvement in the FSR,... these things are better planned out on paper, so off I go.

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I have to go to a meeting in Gießen on Friday and decided to drive down the day before, so I can visit my family (and park the dog with them for the next week).
As always when my car is empty except for Kuno and me, I put up an add at the Mitfahrzentrale, searching for people who are interested in a cheap ride from Leipzig to Frankfurt.

Since it's a popular route, I tend to find passengers easily. Most emails are just the regular "Hi there, still got room for x people?" but some weird me out.
The latest one for example: "I'm happy to have found a female driver, ... a bit about me ... good thing to know we women plan in advance what to wear..." look, I understand you're one of the women who'd rather not get into a car with a man they don't know. That's fine. I get a lot of those since the profiles show the gender of the driver. But why do you have to tell me all that?
I'm nice and polite to all my passengers, in email as well as in person. I'm happy if I have more than one passenger and they seem to get along and have fun during the drive.
But do I have to care for you and your motivations beyond the fact that I get you safely from Leipzig to Frankfurt and you give me 15 €? We don't have to spend the rest of our lives together, I'm quite happy with a terse "I'll be there at that time. What kind of car should I look for?"

But maybe I'm just especially irritable after all the oh-so-very-interesting texts about food-hygiene concerning fish, shellfish and - because I somehow missed them yesterday - fats.

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I wish people would realize that snow doesn't magically turn off the laws of physics.
Driving carefully is a good thing. But less than 30km/h? Get off the road!

Today was the first of the set of seven final exams.
I should probably care much more that I failed it than I do. But that's the reason I failed in the first place - working up any interest in milk hygiene just seemed like too much work.
No more excuses like that, I don't really want to resit more than one just because I'm so very, very lazy. The fact that the next on the list is food hygiene doesn't bode well for that resolution, though.

And I'm counting the days until I get the dog to my parents'. I love the stupid animal but at the moment he's very annoying and I migh just throw him against a wall if he'd stay.

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Actually, I do have things to say.

For example that I've seen about four minutes of new Dr Who. And now want my DVDs to arrive and new episodes right *now*

Or that I realized that my exams start next week and maybe I should start studying.
(How exams manage to sneak up on me like that, I'll never know.)

Or that I hate the German voices for the HP movies so very, very much.
(I also hat the cinemas in Leipzig that don't show the undubbed version at all in the first week. What's the use of getting a movie a day before everyone else if you can't really enjoy it?)

Or that looking for a place/topic for a dissertation isn't good for my blood-pressure at all. But not knowing what I'm going to do in 6 months isn't good for it either.

And something completely random as a finishing touch:
Exactly how crazy does donating plasma once a week, because I like watching my blood in tubes and filters so much, make me?

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First of all, thanks so much for all the birthday wishes. They made my day - even if it took me a week to get these thanks out.

Since my family decided for some reason to send me presents this year (and ignore my "I don't need anything" attitude) I don't need to drool over The Art of Discworld in every bookstore I enter any more. I'm also in possession of The Wee Free Men on CD, a shirt telling the world that I hurt people who mock me, and - for reasons only known to my mother - a brush.
Add to that a black turtle-neck shirt and socks and you can see that my family knows me very well.

And after all that I got, even more presents from my friends. I think there's something wrong with the world.

Apart from being amazed at how nice people are, I spent a lot of time at [ profile] kriski's, waiting for her kitchen to arrive, read all the Sandman comics, caught up with House and Numb3rs, continued on the usual busywork and even tentatively started on the milk hygiene readings. This involved searching the EUR-Lex for stuff like Council Regulation (EC) No 2597/97 of 18 December 1997 laying down additional rules on the common organization of the market in milk and milk products for drinking milk, which includes important information like "2. For the purposes of this Regulation: (a) 'milk` shall mean the produce of the milking of one or more cows;".

Do I really have to take these exams?

And that's more or less all I'm doing right now. Boring doesn't even begin to describe it. But I spice it up with occasionally angsting about my future (cue wails of "I don't want to be a grown-up")

So, business as usual, all in all. (I sound really enthusiastic, don't I? I also have taken a liking to Despair. If I start going all emo, shoot me please.)

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  • I'm like a kid with lots of toys. Bored because I can't decide what to do.
  • My friends are silly. Got two postcards from Peru today, one of them saying on the top "Could you play postman please? I've forgotten J.'s address"
  • Main thing I achieved today: Camera is working again (we'll just pretend it did involve more work than reloading the batteries).
  • Bored + working camera = narcissism: )
  • ... I had pizza for lunch
Right. No more updating without anything to say after this entry.
Or maybe not. Because then I would never ever update again.
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Following my fathers advice I put the Toy into the oven for a few hours. And now it's working just fine. (ETA: Ok, make that nearly fine. But I can live with random blackouts of the screen - which were most likely caused by taking the thing apart and loosening a cable)
*huge sigh of relief*

Advantages of a father whose work includes selling computers: He told me he would send me one of his old laptops if this would not work. Or, as he told me after I called to tell him the Toy was working again, a new HP one.
My family is crazy. They are wonderful, but completely crazy.

Positve effect of today? I learned enough about linux to get my internet connection working and install a few essential things.

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The first thing you do after emptying a cup of coffee into your laptop is getting the internet connection of the Old Desktop to work, so you can tell everybody about it.

*hugs backups closely and hopes against hope The Toy will simply dry out*

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You know what I can live without?
Burst pipes on the other side of the street.
And not having anything to drink in the flat while the shops won't open for another two hours.

And of course Kuno has drunk all his water tonight. Which I realize after I've milked the tab for the last drops of water for my coffee. Sorry poor dog, I promise I'm going to steal a few liters at uni.

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Another week over - and I have done exactly nothing.

Oh, I've done half of the typing, got a haircut, met people, watched movies, cleaned the flat, done a lot of little things - and it still feels like I've done nothing.
I need something that feels like real work.

Helping [ profile] kriski pack for her move this weekend might help a bit and next Monday I will get the dates for the exams, that should give me some focus as well.
I really hope it does, otherwise I'll be crazy by the time the exams start.

Hi, my name is Alex and I'm a stress addict...

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I passed the exam last week and have spent the time since relaxing, watching movies and TV series, reading and catching up with my flist.
Well, most of the time. I also went to all the FSR meetings this week )

How I love uni-politics. That's the reason I'm going to the meetings even though I'm not an elected representative this year. I'm curious and want all the new gossip.

Otherwise I've got nothing to do until the middle of November, when the last round of exams starts. And that was exactly the reason I had been looking for a job.
There are enough things that I have to do, but none of them really pressing, now that I've got everything ready to register for the exams.

To do list )

I also have to start looking for something to do once I'm a certified vet (OMG! I'll be a grown-up. Do I have to?).
I hate looking for jobs. Is it really necessary to make plans for my future? (Sadly, yes it is. I need to know what I'm going to do with my life.)

So, with much to do, but nothing that needs to be done right now. I'll probably continue as usual. Reading porn fanfic and wasting time. Sounds lovely.

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Second day of work and I claimed to be going crazy at the job to have an excuse to quit. I don't think I actually am crazy, but it is certainly one of the most stupid things I've ever done.
Though taking a job in a call center competes for that title.

Because one of things that define me as a person is that I really, really hate to disturb other people.

Not so much in the 'talking in the cinema' sense but in a more general 'is my existence an incovenience for you?' sense. (Strangely enough, I also have enough self-confidence for three people.)
Mainly because of that, I hate to phone people. I'm fine when they call me, but if I have to call a person I've been friends with for ten years, I still have trouble doing it before 2 and after 6 p.m.

So, a job where I have to do outgoing calls? (Even if it's only to actual clients, that not only have agreed to be called, but in some cases also *expect* it.)
Very bright idea.

I did a short four hour shift yesterday, and realized that I simply can not do it. Not literally, I think I managed 30 actual contacts per hour, but ... mentally (*spits and washes out mouth* ewww, dirty word. But I can't think of a better one). This is especially silly when I consider all the things I've done before. I've got no problem cleaning up shit or biking through the rain; doing nothing but listening to beeping noises or calling out the numbers of fast moving cars doesn't really faze me; I don't have too much trouble with having to get up twice every night for weeks or doing data entry at six in the morning but making phone calls? Please no!

Since I took the job mainly because I don't feel comfortable without at least enough money in my savings account to let me live for two months (shut up, I know I'm strange), I decided that feeling a bit more comfortable about my finances wasn't worth hating every second of the job and spending the rest of the day resenting the fact that I would have to go back.

Only problem is, that I'll now have to pay them back for the training*. So I this bright idea actually cost me money.
I guess I'll chalk that one up to life experience.

*Which was an experience in itself, since the trainer was one of the only two people I've ever met, that I just could not get along with. But also couldn't ignore.

And now, back to procrastinating studying.

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Large animals (and 99% probability for horses) again.

I just want Friday to be over so I can indulge in my addictions without feeling guilty for a few days.
And while I'm at it, I'd like some normal addictions please. And maybe a lottery ticket that's guaranteed to win.

Also? The holiday yesterday messed up my already shaky sense of time completely. It's Tuesday, stupid.
Hopefully going to work the next three days will help a bit.

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Assuming I'll finish the training, I seem to have a job.
And it's not even being a nuisance telemarketer as I thought when I applied. The call centre actually seems to be a serious business. The were even responsible for the donation hotline after the flood in Dresden.
Not that I doubt I will hate the job, but I regard not having to sell wine or lottery tickets as a Good Thing.
Pay isn't bad and they are paying full rate during training as well.
It could have been much worse.

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So, that's two votes for a bunch of idiots who have no chance of actually winning (amazing how the first description doesn't narrow it down at all, is it?).
Business as usual I'd say. But I didn't even bother with my tactical first vote this time.

And wow. Voting machines. Highly technical. That's why two people's only job was to explain: "Press the button for the first vote. Then press the button for the second vote. Then press the blue 'Vote' button. To change anything press 'correct'. You can also simply follow the instructions on the screen." And before you enter the booth you get told again "First vote, Second vote, blue button".
How hard can it be?

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Sister's stupid boyfriend just threw a hissy fit over the fact that the rehab is soooo far away (30-45 minutes drive) and he can't stay with her overnight.

You'd think trying to get her back to being actually able to *move her hand* would have priority, but no, the most important thing is that he can't live without her.


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At the moment I'm waiting for a friend to call and tell me about her exam, tomorrow morning to come so I can find out at which clinic my exam will take place and my mother to call and tell me if my sister has a brain tumour.

The fact that I'm most worried about the exam just shows that I'm not good with emotional responses. Not only dealing with them (I suck at offering comfort. Crying people make me wave my hands vaguely in their direction and say things like "Don't cry") but also actually having them.

I like my sister, but there's nothing I can do about her. But where my exam is going to take place will have an immediate effect on me. And if they would tell me *now* I could react right now.

Patience isn't my strong suit. Fatalistic acceptance and emotional detachment rather are. Or they might be flaws that make me unfit to call myself a human being. The jury's still out on that.

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On the subject du jour:
People failing to grasp the difference between "I'm left in a city I didn't want to be, but couldn't leave because I don't own a car; the city is flooded and I don't have anything to drink; it might be wrong, but I'm taking it from the flooded supermarket that will probably throw this stuff away anyway." and "I'm left in a flooded city because I refused to leave; the TVs and clothes in the stores over there look really nice, I'll take some of those" amaze me. Of course there are variations in between, but if it's food or drink and would otherwise be rotting in the shelves, it's not *proper* looting.
And the colour of your skin actually doesn't matter for that.

Something completely different:
Passed surgery.
Now on to internal medicine. If it's large animals again I'll scream.

And something else:
The weather's fantastic.
Having to stay inside and study most of the day isn't.
Swimming is fun, but not conductive to getting information into my brain.
I don't care

One last thing:
I really don't try to slash politicians, and Die Linke is about as far from my political opinion as it gets, so maybe I'm missing some vital bit of information, but what message am I supposed to take from this? )

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Do you know what I don't need after a nice day out (and I really have to think about this tendency to lie and make up an elaborate story why I have to leave and what detained me instead of just asking for a day off, which no one would mind) meeting people ([ profile] fyrie), haunting bookshops and babbling about fandoms?
Coming back to the cottage to find out the fourth girl that has had a rash for the last few days actually has the measles.

I don't mind so much since I had them as a child, but the other two girls* spent the day at the doctors, having to wait since they were no emergencies and being told after all the waiting that even if the had not been vaccinated as children and did never have the measles, they would not be vaccinated now. And being one student low, means we can't really work in the Health and Saftey ordered pairs (not that we actually do most of the time, but in some cases you need one person to hold the horse while the other TPRs or gives drugs), which will make the checks before rounds take longer, and it also messes up our "one pair is doing the midnight-checks, the other the 4-am-checks and the next night we switch" system.
So I have to do both midnight and four o'clock checks tonight.
Feel my joy. The first week all of us did the midnight checks and we just switched on the 4-am-checks and I really could live without doing this again.

At least they trimmed the number of cases down from 35 (plus five foals) to 18 (plus three foals). And maybe we'll get it down a bit more during the weekend and won't have any emergencies.
Pigs might also fly.

But even if I'm dead tired, if it's not raining, I'm still planing to bike to Roslin again after the four-am-checks on Sunday and drive through Scotland a bit during next week.

* It's actually quite fun, the first week I shared the cottage with three guys, the second with two guys and a girl and this week there were three girls - just a random observation.

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After the morning rounds today, I got in my car and went into Edinburgh. After parking at the Uni library I went to Starbucks for coffee and (more important) wireless.

Afterward I walked under a bright blue sky to Arthur's Seat, where I couldn't resist leaving the road again and just walking over the hills in between me and the car park where I wanted to go.
Did I mention that my rucksack did contain ten apples, a melon, a liter of orange juice, bread and cheese in addition to my laptop? And that I didn't have anything to cover my head with me?
When I arrived at the car park the first thing I did was sit in the shadow for about 15 minutes. Since I was trying to meet some LJ people I had never seen before, I tried to keep an eye on the car park while hiding in the shadows under the trees (What? Hiding and observing is what I do when I meet people. I think tried to peer through the window of the cafe, where I was meeting real live slashers for the first time for 30 minutes before I found the nerve to go in.)
After a bit of confusion (which led to me walking up and down another hill and taking pictures, because you can only sit and stare at people for so long) I managed to locate the impressive [ profile] yonmei and [ profile] hfnuala. And after some other articulate people whose LJ names I forgot had found the place as well (which did involve waving from hill to hill while talking on the mobile in one case) there was a very nice picnic under wonderful sunshine with very interesting and impressive people and fun discussions (during which I did little else but sit and listen, but that's another one of those things I do).
And by leaving rather early, I even managed to be back at the clinic in time for the end of the 16:00 rounds - which happened to be somewhat late.

Great day.
I feel only slightly sunburned - putting on sunscreen *before* walking in the sun for an hour is something I routinely forget - but most of this will probably end up as the kind of beige that my body insists is a tan, met new people and don't think I annoyed anyone too much. And the food was good too *g*
Really great day.

The next planned escape from the bush is Friday. After the 20:00 rounds I'll dissapear and join the unwashed masses waiting for the new Harry Potter. And I won't leave this room for anything but rounds on Saturday either (she wrote, ascertaining at least three emergencies on that day).

And my spoiler policy for that book is, that while I don't actively search for spoilers, I don't mind very much being spoiled. (I'd better not be, since I've disabled LJ-cuts from working on my flist.) But I'll put everything I would consider a spoiler behind a cut for at least a month (you never know, I just might suddenly decide to talk a lot about fandom in this journal). But if your definition of a spoiler is so strict as to include mentioning who is shown on the cover art, you should probably better not read my journal.

[Edited to change the dates. If you can't even read a calender any more it's time to get more sleep I think.]

And soon*: Sleep. I only get more than four uninterrupted hours every two nights, I'd better make use of that.

*which should be read as: after the midnight rounds which today include catching a somewhat ... temperamental mare in the field to give her an oxytocin injection. Yesterday it took two of us about 15 minutes. Today, they told me, the three of them they tried for 20 minutes. I think this doesn't bode well.

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Though it's pretty pathetic that I spend the whole day insides, catching up with my flist, reading fic, occasionally looking at the tv with a (sorry [ profile] kriski) women's football match and generally being lazy.
Especially since there are a whole of three dogs and three cats in the hospital right now, and none of those needs special attention, so I could have gone out after the morning round and not come back until the afternoon round.

In my defense, the weather is exactly the kind where it won't rain all day as long as I stay inside, but as soon as I go out biking it starts to pour.
But at least I cycled up to the nearest point of touristic interest - Castlelaw Fort - after yesterdays trip to every store on Princes Street that seemed to sell mobile phones (I could have bought my phone a second time in every one, but not the battery). Where I took about two thousand pictures of landscape. And sheep.

Otherwise I've been invited for dinner with people I've never met before by one of the anaesthesiologists (see next to last entry re:freakyly nice) who was called to a colic surgery just when I arrived. One of her other guests and I then continued to help/stand in her way until the horse was dead and we could get back to the salad.
I've also spent more time picking up shit than I want to think about.
And panicked about exams, but that's a given.

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