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Well, I certainly wasn't expecting 2016 to come around this fast.

The second half of December was manic, partially because working out of hours means that holidays will be some of our busiest shifts anyway and Spanish!colleague went and dislocated his shoulder just before, so we had even more shifts to cover. The other part was because the OTW thing escalated. A lot. Fun times.

Since New Year's Eve I've been down with the lurgy, working my last two shifts in a bit of a haze. But see above: people who dislocate their shoulder and use that as their wimpy excuse not to work, having already used up all the potential gap covers. Oh well, working the last few holiday shifts with a fever is nearly a tradition by this point.

2015 turned out to be an ... interesting year on the whole. Onward to 2016!

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I just can't get over the surreality of my job sometimes.

I'm at work right now and we had a client call up, saying that their dog just collapsed next to them and they weren't sure if it was breathing any more. Sad story, but something that happens quite often with certain breeds.

Usually we'd have her bring the dog in as quickly as possible (house visits are not really feasible for anything but euthanasia for a number of reasons). Only problem in this case? She's on the local golf course - which is a proper, enormous 18 hole monster - at the 7th hole. And then she hung up on us. We didn't yet get a phone number to call her back.

So we just spend 10 minutes googling the golf course and calling their office (no answer), their shop (luckily someone answered, the next try would have been the bar) to figure out where the 7th hole is, so my nurse can drive up there and have a look around if there is any distressed woman, dead dog or anything else to be found.

You shouldn't have to make phone calls that start "I know this is going to sound crazy, but..." at work, I'm sure of it.

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  • Number of animals I've killed last night: 4
    (Perhaps worth clarifying, that was what I set out to do. If they'd all died on me while I was trying to keep them alive, my mood would be much worse.)
  • Number of animals on whose life I potentially improved in a meaningful way: 1
    (Oh, I treated a couple more, but if you're a 14 year old Lurcher, nothing I do will make much of a difference to you anyway.)
  • Sometimes work is not exactly uplifting.
    Oh well.
  • Number of nights I still have to work: 3
  • Number of animals I might have adopted: 1

Have two pictures of Tiny, looking at him without being cheered up is not easy:

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Honestly. I don't mind euthanasias generally and all of them were perfectly justified but enough is enough.
It's mostly a combination of bad luck and the time of the year (people don't want to face saying goodbye to beloved pets before christmas) but of the last seven patients I saw only three made it out alive (with two of those relatively likely to die before the week is over too). And if we figure in my colleague, we go up to a 70% death rate.
Can I have a cat with an abscess, a broken leg or even a rta again?
Something I can do more to than just stop any suffering?
Pretty please?

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