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To continue my attempts to keep this at least kind of sort of updated, yes, I did say half marathon in the last entry.

The half marathon I've attempted three times now is a small-ish event. It's in the middle of nowhere in Dorset.
It's run pretty much completely off road - which is one of the main reasons I am running this one. Trail running!

The one thing to keep in mind is that I HATE RUNNING. Seriously. It is the one kind of exercise I do because its good for me, not because I like it. I love climbing, I could hike for days, put me on my bike and I will cycle near and far, swimming, juggling, martial arts, I *love* all those things. Running? Hell, no.

So, I wasn't impressed when my Zombie Run music decided to Not Work for some reason.
I know there's people who enjoy just hearing their own breathing, footfalls and the sounds of nature. I am not one of them. I like those sounds when hiking. When running, I need something to distract me from the fact that I am running. Well, better luck next time I guess.

About the run itself. The weather was amazing. The trails were muddy in places but nice to run on. The course was well signposted, and I got to feel good when people in front of me had overlooked the (big, bright) arrow pointing to the left, because I noticed, called back whoever was within whistling distance and got people behind me on the right track as well.
Despite not really having trained - I was doing so well in March, but then April just kind of got away from me with overtime at work - and just plain giving up on running the hilly bits, I still finished with a better time (if only slightly) than last time. Yay.

And then I drove on to Devon (stopping at a McD for food at some point because proper nutrition for running is a thing other people do), did some small amount of hiking along the coast in the evening and went on a nice 10km hike in Dartmoor the next day. Because why not.
(The answer to that would be "Because the weather had turned and I got soaked through somewhere in the middle" in case you were wondering)

And that's about it. Drove to Exeter after, met up with fellow fan for food, drove back home, saw Days of Future Past and have been working like a maniac since again.

There is an end in sight though. Second full time vet is supposed to start in the middle of July. My rota looks so much more reasonable from them on...

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As mentioned before, I'm trying to run fairly regularly at the moment (got a few Tough Mudders planned as well as my sort-of-yearly Half Marathon). I went for one run while at my parents', nice and easy, had a few quiet days in between (driving home and busy at work) but ever since I started back again every run was so much harder than before. I was out of breath and even had to slow to a walk in places I've been running past for the last few months.

I could not figure out why that was. I thought I'd maybe injured myself, blamed the busy nights of work with little to no sleep, thought about gravity fluctuations, hormones, the weather, shoes that didn't work properly on English soil, anything, really (mostly while running, it's very good for random and weird thoughts).

Until I remembered that after the run at my parents' I went and gave blood. Yes, maybe half a litre of blood less might influence speed and endurance just a tiny little bit...

In my defense, my regularly giving blood and the times when I was doing regular cardio workouts have never overlapped before.

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Really. Running? So not my sport. I really don't like it very much. But as the saying goes Das Leben ist kein Wunschkonzert and it is the one exercise that doesn't require any preparation or planning to do.
Also, I signed up for two Tough Mudders this year and will likely also try for my usual half marathon. Just possibly, running will be involved in one or two of those. Might as well practice.

However, this is one of the less waterlogged paths around here at the moment
I also do not like running on the pavement. Or the road.

I've just got a second pair of shoes so I can alternate and let them dry out properly.
What was I saying again about not requiring preparation or planning?

(Yes, still trying the 'short entries fairly frequently' thing to get me talking)

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