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Ridicully ([personal profile] ridicully) wrote2012-01-10 10:47 am
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If silence is golden, this is probably leaden.

I try not to moan too much about work here - though I could easily fill in for Vets behaving badly my new favourite blog - but at some point in the future, there will be an entry devoted solely to moaning about the PDSA. Consider yourself warned.

For now I will just complain about the BBC airing every single show I might want to watch at a time when I'm neither at home nor at work but actively commuting between the two. They do it on purpose, I'm sure.
At least I don't have to fiddle with a proxy to use iplayer. Still haven't seen the latest Sherlock though. Because I ... just haven't tried watching it. Bad fan. Bad.

And I'm idly thinking about buying a new computer. Not that my Laptop-as-Desktop isn't working any more, it is just getting a bit old. And while I have the MBA, it just doesn't feel right as my main computer. Can't stand having my main machine running mostly OS X for one.
Hmm. Time to hit the bookmarks for the custom mini pc websites...

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[personal profile] schnurble 2012-01-10 11:18 am (UTC)(link)
I recommend a hard disk recorder. If you have satelite tv, there're receivers with hard disk recorder inside as well. Ours is recording stuff all the time, we rarely if ever watch something when it's aired. So we can watch it when we like and we can fast forward the ads :o) And afterwards just delete it again...

I haven't seen the new Sherlock either, because I was too lazy to look for downloads yet...
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warst du über die feiertag überhaupt bei deinen eltern? ich seh schon, da wollte ich porto sparen und hab extra-CO2-ausstoss verursacht, falls sie's dir nachgeschickt haben. duh!

how did the story at the golf course turn out?