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This is a thing of beauty: Berliner? Pfannkuchen? Palatschinken???
(Kreppel! And I wonder about Quarkkeulchen sometimes)

I went bouldering in Yorkshire before this year's work congress. Being all on my own, a 15 minute walk from my car with no mobile reception I, for once, heeded common sense and did not try any hard moves.
(I might have looked a bit less like a deer in the headlight if I had...)

Then I went to said congress. And it's yearly dress up dinner. This year it wasn't fancy dress but black tie.
Boring. But now I know how to tie a bow tie. Useful? Probably not so much.

And now I'll do some maths homework because I've decided to see how far I can stretch my motivation on a distance learning course in civil engineering. See me decide it is too much work in a couple of months...

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How is it now November? I have not made that entry with pictures from my trip yet. But I have new pictures and stories to post already. I *refuse* to simply skip the necessary lengthy entry. I will not do that.

So, when I left off here I had just returned from the US. And was back at work and busy. Story of my life, nothing new there.
The reason I had been to the USA was the yearly meeting of the International Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society. A horribly mouthful and the reason acronyms were invented. I've been going to EVECCS for years, it's a nice chance for a few days in a different european city (and some CPD) every year. IVECCS this year was in San Diego and I knew a few colleagues that were definitely going.
Interesting city + people to pressure into roomsharing + CPD = Alex is going to IVECCS.

But I certainly wasn't going to be on a plane for 13 hours just for five days of congress. I made a holiday out of it, another week, massive road trip, as many touristy things as I could cram into that.

To give you an idea, here's a map:

Let's just say I drove a lot.

And hiked and took pictures. Most of which can be found in the album with the map.
And a few behind the cut )

I *want* to talk about the hiking. The driving. Everything. But if I don't click 'post' any time soon, I will not ever post this entry. So. This is it for now. Short and basic.

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Day two and three of WITL - Warning: one gross tumor pic )

No work tomorrow. Maybe I'll have something else but the clinic to photograph then.

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Since I'm at work right now, I didn't get a chance to upload my WITL photos in time. Won't, until I get home sometime around noon today either, so instead I give you a photo of myself right now:

I'm at work, it's the middle of the night and my shift doesn't end for another 6,5 hours. I wouldn't have cared about my looks even if the instructions hadn't forbidden it.

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Two weeks since the last entry and it feels like 2 days.
My life has been busybusybusy since I came here, but right now, it's on an upswing from that. The move in addition to Prof Blub asking me why I haven't even turned in an introduction, let alone the literary review part of my dissertation, makes for busybusybusy2 times.

The move has become necessary because J.'s boything has been retransferred to Berlin and the tree of us are currently living in a two room flat. Just to act contrary to popular expectation, all of us are going to move together. Into a three-and-a-half room flat. Once I finish my dissertation (HarHar) or decide I've spent enough time in the hell that's the clinic (for those who haven't noticed, I love the job and the colleagues, but would happily kill the bosses if given the chance), I'll move out and the two will have a nicely sized flat. This hopefully will work out in such a way that I'll move out at about the time J. finishes with her dissertation and joins the gainfully employed masses, and splitting the rent between two people no longer overtaxes a postgrad's account.

So, in between trying to put together a somewhat coherent literatry review on intraoperative hypothermia and packing my belongings into boxes (and since most of my belongings are books, this makes for heavy boxes), I've been painting my room, giving a kitchen a makover and generally been running around like a headless chicken.

But for my work I have pictures to show.
There is stucco on my ceiling )

And why is Dunkin' Donuts (sadly, the only place to get a chocolate fix on a Sunday evening. If your definition of 'evening' doesn't go beyond 20:00) so expensive? For 5 € I could get a pretty good cake at the pastry shop next door (if only it were open).
I need to retrain my body not to crave chocolate after hard work.

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What did I do the last weeks? Since the Querstrich-Meetup - which is best explained by the icon for those who speak German and by the words 'amazingly silly, astonishingly deep, unexpectedly little talk about buttsex' for everyone else - and my exam, I've been on the way to or from Berlin most of the days.
Finding a flat was fun. For a value of fun that is usually associated for visits at the dentist.

Moving was even more fun, and shall be detailed in pictures: )

Did I mention that I'm the only one of those four whose drivers license allows me to drive that 7m monster of a car? And that neither pedestrians, nor drivers seem to understand the concept of such a long thing needing more room to turn around a corner? No, it's not because I can't drive a car. No, really.
As I said. Even more fun.

The last two days I've cleaned this flat, painted parts of it (if I had my contract I would know if I'm required to do that. But the contract is in a folder in a box in the new flat) put most of the rest of my stuff in my car (I love my car. It's not much to look at, but it's about as long as a VW Golf and at the moment there are my summer tires, my bike, a mini-freezer, a grill, a huge lamp, about 30 different bags and some other stuff in it) and caught up on my flist (addiction is fun!).

And now, I shall leave for Berlin. If you need or want my new address, follow the link on the profile.
I probably won't have internet or phone at the flat until the end of April. Anyone in Germany who knows what the colour pink stands for has three guesses what company is causing that delay and the first two don't count.
But since there's an internet cafe about 100m up the road, the next wireless hotspot isn't much further away and I think I'll probably also be allowed to use the lab computers. I guess I'll survive. Somehow. (Though Dr. Who starts again at the 15th. Oh world, why are you so cruel?)

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  • I'm like a kid with lots of toys. Bored because I can't decide what to do.
  • My friends are silly. Got two postcards from Peru today, one of them saying on the top "Could you play postman please? I've forgotten J.'s address"
  • Main thing I achieved today: Camera is working again (we'll just pretend it did involve more work than reloading the batteries).
  • Bored + working camera = narcissism: )
  • ... I had pizza for lunch
Right. No more updating without anything to say after this entry.
Or maybe not. Because then I would never ever update again.
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After two full nights of sleep, I finally had enough of my laziness. When I woke up a five this morning and the weather was fine, I grabbed my bike and went to Roslin Chapel (and if I hadn't been drooling over the Geocaching website - thank you very much [ profile] here_be_dragons for rekindling that addiction to something I can't afford *g* - I would have neither known that the last chapter of The DaVinci Code was set here, nor of the existence of the Glen) and walked about 90 minutes through the Glen.
Which proofed to be a lot of fun. Even though my trainers were certainly not the best choice of footwear and have still not dried out completely (wet grass rather than slippery stones in the water, actually).

Pictures. Castlelaw Hill and Roslin Glen. I guess you could describe them as 'green with a few sheep' )

No rants about internet or work today. Must plan more trips to Glens and Hills.

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