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Well, apparently 2016 is going to be one of those years.
I have absolutely no idea where the last 1.5 months have gone. I have no idea what I have actually done in that time either, but it sure felt like a lot at the time.
I'll see how the next few weeks behave before I put out a kill order, but I am not impressed so far.

*disappears under mountain of random busyness again*

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I have no idea where the month of April just went.

Part of that is that I'm the only vet at work at the moment (for reference, we have positions/hours for 2.5) so I have been working an insane rota and stacking up the overtime. I've also decided to help out the Pet Blood Bank with donation sessions occasionally, because only my nights were filled with work so far.
Part of it is that the weather has taken a turn for the worse and I am constantly tempted to huddle up with a blanket, a hot drink and stare gloomily out the window. I have worked quite a bit on my plans for a holiday in Australia next year.

It's not that I haven't been running (though I have been doing less of that than I had planned for the month) or climbing or going to the cinema or knitting or hanging out in chat or geocaching or any of the other things that I do with my life. It's just that all of it has been attempting to be noticed in my head through haze of "Work. Sleep. Work. RAIN AGAIN? Work. WTF re-plastering the patio wall right now are you JOKING? Work. Sleep. Oh. Maybe Food."
I am still reading (as always). I still want to post more often than I get around to it. I just do not know where my brain is at any given moment right now (probably asleep, to be honest).

I should probably start self improvement project "Das Leben ist kein Ponyhof" sooner rather than later. Let's see how this goes.
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So, in an attempt to kitten-proof my flat (as noticed by a lot of people on my last entry, he is extremely cute. I promise I'll try to limit the crazy cat-owner talk) I decided on a trip to Ikea to replace the Ivar shelf I've been using for everything computer related so far with something closed that would not provide such an exciting rope course made of cables.

Found a TV bench that looked ok on the website, checked availability at Ikea Tottenham/Edmonton got no errors so left home begrudgingly (I had just finished my 12 nights in a row that morning with a call and incoming patient at 04:15) at about 16:00 to drive there.

Driving in London is a bad idea, I know, but reaching Ikea any other way is even worse )

And now to the important part: Why are they not offering onions, pickles or even mayonnaise for the Ikea hot-dogs in the UK? These are the things that make these hot-dogs great instead of the most boring kind of food ever!

This is seriously the bit that annoyed me most about the whole day. Get me stuck in traffic as long as you want, but I want pickles on my hot-dog for my troubles.

So, today I put the shelf together, put it in place and equipped with all the extension cords it needs. I guess the kitten will need to find some other way to try and kill itself now.
Also managed to get a haircut and generally just veg out in front of the computer otherwise. I definitely needed that day off.
And tomorrow it's off to a couple of museum stores to find some nice postcards, get some climbing in on the way home and in the evening, back to work. My life is so exciting.

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Yesterday, my nurse asked me if I'd seen the new Merlin. Umm. Yes, you could say that. Saw, squeed, laughed... take your pick.
But it's kind of disconcerting to have work and fandom mix like that out of the blue. Is laughing like mad about the "little bottom" comment something you can admit among non-fangirls?

Otherwise, I'm still running circles in my own mind. Leaves me feeling restless.
My parents visiting didn't help. Neither did my uncle dying on the first day they were here.
Since the priest was on holiday the funeral was today, which made it impossible for me to attend. This also didn't help.

Amazingly enough, Mindbloom is actually helping me getting some things done and some kind of order into my thousand projects.
For example , I'm slowly working through my Photos. I'm also working on my CPD certificate, my personal fitness plan, and lots of other things.
I seem to be missing a proper, all-encompassing aim at the moment. This might explain the restlessness. Hmm.

Anyway. In an attempt to make coherent entries again, I might do the '30 days all about me in excruciating detail' meme.
We'll see.

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Brain-To-Textprocessor interface now, please!
Because, I have at least three more or less written entries. I just don't manage to transcribe them.

I've just come back from Brands Hatch where my father is working this weekend and have one more night to work before it's my week off again. This wouldn't be bad if I had slept at least a couple of the days this week. Which I haven't. So, once again I'm running on what little sleep I got in the nights and stubbornness. Always fun.

Next week my parents will visit me. Which would be no problem if Ikea and I had managed to arrange a delivery time before now. As it is, my big Sofabed won't be delivered until my parents are gone. Which means I have to get out the camping bed again. Joy.

For my own reference, some of the things I want to write about, in no particular order:
Job, motorcycle, good intentions, new job, trip to Liverpool, friendships, moving, sports, fandom, flat...
It would be nice if I could at least manage to write about two of them this time around.

We'll see what happens, but the next entries better be less disjointed.

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