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So, I am writing this from somewhere above the Atlantic. The future is here and it is freaking weird.

Anyway. I obviously made it back from Australia alive. I haven't even dealt with a third of the 5000 pictures I took there yet. But now on my way for a week's holiday/work conference thingy in Washington. As you do.
What I have been up to in the last half year? The usual, Australia, lots of Translation things, European Conference in Lyon this year, more work than anyone really wants or needs, meeting the usual fandom suspects in Berlin, a trail half marathon, Nine Worlds, a Tough Mudder, lots and lots of walks, failing to update my DW, spending too much time in chat,…

To sum it up: Still alive and kicking. And despite not posting at all still prefering DW over other platforms. Let's see if this in-flight wifi actually works then.
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I just spend about an hour at the bookshop. And didn't buy any books.
Keep in mind that I was the girl that went to the library about twice a week and was an expert at the 'arms as long as possible and use your chin to fix the top' method of carrying books.
Maybe that's the explanation, there were quite a lot of that I wouldn't have minded to read, but I didn't want to buy them.
I'm not sure if I'm getting even more stingy with money or shelf space.
I think I need to have a look at the libraries in Berlin. Hopefully they'll suit me better than the one in Leipzig which I hated for no real reason.

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My mother just called. She was in Egypt for a week and just arrived home again.
A bit later than expected because she had to make a plane do a stopover in Rome on the way.

(Nothing exciting, just a sick passenger, the dreaded question "Is someone here a doctor" and her bad luck that had no one else on board volunteer. I'm just easily amused. And weirded out by what she told me was contained in the emergency kit on board. MCP? Tablets? 250 ml G5%? Ok, terbutalin I can see, but no furosemide or nitro? Very strange.)

Also, hi, I'm still alive, as my constant rambling on twitter and facebook can attest for. For once I'm home the whole day during my free weeks and not at the clinic. Mostly because I'm trying to get the literary review part of the diss finished before Prof. Blub kills me. I'm also trying to figure out what I'm going to do with my life should I manage to finish with the diss this year. Elaborating on that will require an entry for itself though.
For now, over and out.

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Is it just me or is gravity especially strong today?
The tally of things I dropped today includes two cups of coffee, two cats (I will admit these did their best to be dropped), my clamps about 10 times, one pack of orange juice, a couple of blood tubes and so many pieces of paper I've lost count.
I'd be only too happy if this would stop now.

And completely unrelated, but even if I work for free during the week and for ridiculously low wages on the weekends or during the night, I'd like to get my meagre earnings at some point. *glares at FU money-drones*

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One more day.

I need those four free days, I don't think I will get anything done, but I have to try not to spend the whole time reading Fanfic.

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