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*handwave* The last few months happened. Indeed they did.

I'm posting now not to catch up but to collect my reaction to Captain America - Civil War. The triple bill last night was a lot of fun and made certain things much more obvious. Also, it was just a fun reactive audience and generally cool.

  • Wow, did they have to bend the basic concept and Steve's personality to get the basic premise of the film going I mean, I like it, but who the hell thinks that Steve - I tried to sign up with the army over five times illegally/I ask forgiveness rather than permission - Rogers isn't going to sign the accords in a heartbeat and than proceed to ignore them/count on the UN being incapable of enforcing them anyway?
  • They guy sold war bonds, you won't convince me that he doesn't know exactly when to nod and smile to get the man off your back and then ignore it happily
  • Also, I'll take problems that can be solved if people just ​_talked_​ to each other for 1000 please
  • And are we supposed to believe Tony didn't learn that Hydra killed his parents the moment those files hit the Internet in WS?
  • If someone could also explain to me what German special forces were doing in Austria and why they took the prisoners to the parliament buildings in Berlin (the PLH and MELH are office buildings, pretty ones, yes, but what?) only to have their showdown fight at Leipzig airport that would be helpful.
  • Actually, Leipzig airport made me laugh until I cried, but that's just the natural reaction to any mention of Berlin's airports and probably not intended
  • The problem is that there is no fucking reason for Steve to pick these obvious PR Bullshit accords to make a stand on. There's literally nothing at stake. While in the comics registration was a ​_stupid_​ issue, at least there was something at stake that made it worth standing up against. This? Please.
  • Watching all three CAs in a row really highlighted some of the stupid in the Bad Decisions pretty well.
  • I also still don't care about Bucky Barnes at all. I know he's fandom's main squeeze at the moment but he remains uninteresting to me.
  • In even more minor nitpickery news, I dislike the font they used for the location overlays
  • I think on the progression of fight choreography and cutting, I liked WS best. This one was, especially in the beginning, to fast/jerky to be enjoyable

All in all, it's another one in a line of films where, really, they seem to have liked the idea of the title/concept more than actually thinking it through so the plot made even so much as comic-book-sense. But it is pretty enjoyable at least.

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[personal profile] cjk1701 2016-04-29 05:41 pm (UTC)(link)
They should have made them fight at BER just to point out that the MCU is an AU from ours. ;)

I was also hugely annoyed at the [written] Russian mistakes. The film had a huge budget, there are tons of Russians all over Hollywood and YET.

(Agree with you on the rest, though.)
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[personal profile] azurelunatic 2016-04-29 06:56 pm (UTC)(link)
I am underenthused with Bucky, and some of the fandom reactions to him have made me allergic.

(Some of the fandom reactions are great! Some though... NOPE. Also apparently I'm super allergic to the "as kids" trope and Bucky Bear creeps me out.)
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The Berlin/Leipzig air port thing was WTF? And rotfl? At the same time! I honestly thought they had been filming at Berlin's not-airport until it suddenly said Leipzig somewhere and I was what? When did they teleport?