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Apparently I now see films the night they come out.

So, I saw Star Trek Into Darkness yesterday. It was an ok movie. I liked it. It just didn't make me sqee like Iron Man 3 did.

  • A space ship on the bottom of the ocean is ridiculous, thanks Scotty
  • As soon as the Cumbervillain started giving his speech I was going. "Oh, pleeeeease, no" Then they took the torpedo apart and I went "Shit, he's Kahn."
    And I like Kahn. But seriously? Would it have been hard to keep him Indian?
    For a while I hoped BK was supposed to be one of Kahn's people and Kahn himself would be in one of the torpedoes but no such luck.
  • I did like the retelling of ST - TWoK and all the parallels it draws. But it was a bit heavy handed about it.
    The moment ZQ did the Shatner, I burst out laughing, dramatic tension or not.
  • Calling Spock Prime for spoilers is an obvious solution. Also makes for a nice bit of foreshadowing.
    Still, Spock ex machina can't be the solution to all problems.
  • It's predictable even beyond the whole retelling of STII angle. McCoy poking the dead tribble with some of Kahn's blood? I wonder who they will need to revive later on.
  • Why did Carol Marcus have to undress before examining the torpedo? Apart from there needing to be some nakedness of course. Did I just miss the explanation or did they just not bother to make one up at all?
  • Also: Yes, 3D is pretty much *made* for Starships warping out.

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    [personal profile] schnurble 2013-05-09 05:47 pm (UTC)(link)
    I went into the cinema like "Please, anything but don't let BC be Khan!" I didn't want an old story warmed up, I wanted something new. But surprisingly, I still liked what they did with the story, it was original enough...
    And I love that Khan was just frozen again, not killed. I'm actually looking forward to all the fanfiction that'll explore what happens to him now :o)

    I thought Carol Marcus needed to change into something more suitable for being outside on a cold planetoid. Why she couldn't wait until Kirk left the shuttle, however, I don't know...

    One question, though. Bones said the bodies were 300 years old. This would mean they were from the 1950s. A bit early for genetic enhancement on humans, I'd say. Was this a dubbing error? Or did Abrams his math wrong?
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    I went in completely unspoiled and have to say that while of course I know everything about Khan, it's the one film I only watched once when I was 14 or so and don't remember well. So I had no clue until he actually said that he was Khan what the hell was going on.

    I pretty much disliked the same bits you did - the exact rehash of the last bit of STII, the Khaaaaaaan!, the whole predictability of the dead Tribble - and, seriously, even though I saw that coming from miles off I was amazed by just how heavy-handed that was handled!

    But it made up for it by the character interaction - and, and believe me I SO hate to say this, Benedict Cumberbatch's Khan. I never liked Khan, I really dislike Cumberbatch and yet I absolutely loved him and his Khan! BTW, I read that they auditioned several other actors for the role, all of which were Latino (like Ricardo Montalban), but they all fell through and he was recommended to Abrams by Spielberg. I guess with references like that....