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Iron Man 3

It's April. In England. How did I manage to get massively sunburnt?
Oh, yes, I decided that walk all of Regent's Canal yesterday. Clever me.

But this entry isn't about that. It's a place to flail because I went and saw Iron Man 3 last night.

  • I loved how the trailers managed to not give away stuff.
  • Is the giant bunny normal? Sadly, yes, that's completely normal.
  • Creepy Tony Stark fanboys. The tattoo was made from a doll he made.
  • The Mandarin. Gave him more drugs. Stage Actor. *flail*
  • Playing with the audience's expectations for the Extremis storyline. And Pepper in a suit. And the Mandarin.
  • He saved Dum-E.
  • A kid character that's not so very annoying. Or, rather, annoying where it is meant to be.
  • He's found a hobby.
  • No Extremis for Tony. But heart surgery.
  • We have a connection.
  • After credits Mark Ruffalo. I couldn't stop laughing half the drive home.
I don't do coherent reviews, sorry. But it was FUN.

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[personal profile] liz_mo 2013-04-27 07:32 pm (UTC)(link)
OOhh! I don't know the comics, so I have no expectations.
But I'm very glad the old rule about First movie awesome, second one sucks, Third one is either bestest or at least really good again, holds true here, too.
The Boyfriend has tentatively expressed wanting to see it, so I might get him to go to the movies with me.
In Germany it comes out on May 1st (Wasn't there a time when new movies started thursdays?).